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Where can you try extra virgin olive oil?


Do you know the best way to try extra virgin olive oil?

Find out more with these special offers by Oli Coll de l’Alba.


Are you a foodie? If you are passionate about haute cuisine, originality, new flavours and, especially, high-quality ingredients, we recommend you visit the following bars and restaurants where you will be able to try Oli Coll l’Alba in several food pairings.

Do you have a restaurant
or food establishment?

Haute cuisine is based on the use of carefully selected ingredients. The Oli Coll de l’Alba single varietal extra virgin olive oil is the result of applying passion and innovation to what the territory offers us. Seduce the most demanding of customer palates with an organic and premium EVOO produced for haute cuisine.

If you only want top-class suppliers, contact us.

Olive oil

Another way to try Oli Coll the l’Alba is by means of a sensory journey through its sensory attributes. We propose different experiences where you can enjoy a tasting of extra virgin olive oil of our Sevillenca and Morruda single varieties. Understanding the particular characteristics of each of our oils is the key factor to enhancing your culinary creations.

See our different olive oil experiences.

With a gourmet

When cooking, do you only choose top-quality ingredients? Then the moment has come for you to taste our Oli Coll de l’Alba Sevillenca or Morruda single varietal extra virgin olive oils. Both EVOOs are full of nuances that will surprise you when preparing your culinary creations.