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Oli Coll de l’Alba

A lifetime project in a sea of olive trees

Oli Coll de l’Alba is the result of a project involving olive cultivation and the small-scale production of organic and premium-quality extra virgin olive oil. An ingredient with a personality shaped by innovation applied to a hundred-year-old tradition. The result is a bold culinary proposal that is a feast for the senses.


Gourmet product

Organic farming

Technical innovation

Small-scale production

Signature extra virgin olive oil


Dry-stone huts, banks, river, mountains, the Ebro Delta…

Oli Coll de l’Alba is the result of a personal project to recover traditional estates with abandoned hundred-year-old olive trees and to preserve the landscape and architectural heritage of the Baix Ebre. We currently manage 15 estates with a total area of 25 hectares surrounded by a territory of great natural wealth in the Terres de l’Ebre.

A unique

The quality and character of our oils is determined by a unique and very special native soil.

The essence comes from the mild climate of the area, the value of the local olive varieties and an area with suitable soil characteristics for olive growing. An incomparable combination of natural factors perfected by the Agri-food Engineering knowledge of Xavier Guilera, creator of the Oli Coll de l’Alba oils.


Our olive growing is governed by the principle of organic farming.

Constant training and innovation form part of the processes of cultivation, production and storage of the oil in our cellar. We carry out organic and sustainable farming, certified by the Catalan Council of Organic Production – CCPAE (producer CT 004024 P), enhanced with principles of biodynamic farming, in order to contribute biodiversity of our environment.

A personal story

We might never have thought that those family holidays to the charming Terres de l’Ebre in the summer of 2010 would be the starting point of our lifetime project, Oli Coll de l’Alba.

The sea of hundred-year-old olive trees, the dry-stone huts, the intense colours of the landscape, the gastronomy and the disposition of its people made us fall in love with it, which is why two years later we decided to leave our hometown of Barcelona to embark on an incredible adventure that would begin in Coll de l’Alba.

An adventure filled with excitement and passion for the world of the oil, cultivated steadfastly every day with the clear aim of producing a premium and organic extra virgin olive oil that contains a little bit of landscape, climate, the land and us, Xavier and Alba, in every drop.